Probate is the process by which an executor of someone’s Will obtains the rights to deal with a deceased person’s property, money and possessions. It is usually required when dealing with banks, pension providers, insurers and always in the selling of property. It is worth noting that there is no obligation to use the probate services of the firm who stored the will.

Valentine & Co offers a range of probate services, from obtaining a Grant of Probate where there was a Will in place, obtaining a Grant under an intestacy, to the full estate administration of the estate.

A sensitive and professional service

Our experienced probate solicitors can handle all types of cases, including domicile issues, business property and inheritance issues, in a sympathetic and efficient manner. We understand that it can be a very difficult and sensitive time when you lose a loved one, and recognise the importance of giving clear, timely and practical advice.

We endeavour to be flexible and can help clients to manage costs by dealing with certain aspects of probate themselves, while avoiding unnecessary risk, delay or complicated paperwork.

What are our Probate fees?

Costs for acting in a Probate matter vary depending on the complexity, and therefore amount of time required to administer the estate. Our fees will be agreed before we commence, and will not vary throughout the course of the work.

To apply for and obtain a grant of representation (Probate or Intestacy) our costs would be between £900 to £1,800. To obtain the grant, settle debts and distribute the estate to the beneficiaries we would usually charge between £1,440 to £6,000.  Disbursements, i.e. costs we pay on behalf of the estate such as the probate application fee, would be in addition. Please contact us for more accurate costs that will be tailored to your precise needs.

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