Thinking about, preparing and writing a Will can be an onerous task. It is an undertaking that few people relish. A Will, however, is quite possibly one of the most important legal documents you are ever likely to complete. Do not underestimate the fact that by talking to, and engaging with an experienced legal professional a challenging exercise can be made simpler and less stressful.

Why do I need a Will?

Every adult should have a Will in place. A Will provides a legal framework and protection for family members, a partner, children and any personal assets. A Will can also deal with how specific personal affairs should be handled. During what is often a difficult and sensitive time, a well-written, professionally prepared Will can have a meaningful impact on loved ones, family and friends.

Seeking professional advice

The highly personal care and attention of an experienced legal expert in this field will ensure that a Will is correctly prepared, unambiguous and legally robust. Taking professional advice Will enable any concerns to be discussed and appropriate solutions found.

An experienced solicitor Will also be able to give advice, dependant on personal circumstances, in other related areas, for example, providing asset protection for future generations, advising on potential Care Home fee savings, advice on tax planning such as Capital Gains Tax, and identify the need for Lasting Powers of Attorney. Seeking advice on these and other related issues may well help prevent unwanted contentions or disputes when the Will is executed.

“Many do-it-yourself or low-cost, unregulated will writing services do carry a risk that your Will could be challenged for relatively trivial reasons.”

What am I paying for?

Cost is always a very keen issue. Paying for the services of highly-qualified legal executive Will quite simply provide advice, knowledge, experience and professionalism. Developing a personal relationship with an experience professional, who will create a bespoke legal document to meet specific needs and circumstances, will help provide complete peace of mind that the Will is safe, secure and legally binding.

Are there other options?

Be aware however, that there are many sources of misleading information available regarding the writing of a Will. It is very likely that any low-cost Will writing service Will not offer any additional advice regarding inheritance tax planning advice or provide other balanced legal advice. Many do-it-yourself or low-cost, unregulated Will writing services do carry a risk that your Will could be challenged for relatively trivial reasons. This may result in an unwanted legal turmoil when it is least needed.

It is easy and straightforward to prepare and make a Will – and it will save your family unnecessary distress at an already difficult time. Pursuing professional advice should be considered as a necessary expense.


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