While this isn’t something many people particularly enjoy thinking about, a Will is arguably the most important document you will ever sign, and every adult should have one in place.

Clear and robust

There is a lot of misleading information available regarding Will writing, but the simple truth is that it requires the personal care and attention of a legal expert in this field to ensure that a Will is suitably robust and unambiguous.

Many DIY or low-cost, unregulated Will writing services carry a risk that your Will could be challenged for relatively trivial reasons, leaving a legal mess for your loved ones to contend with at a difficult and sensitive time.

For more than just inheritance

Wills cover more than just inheritance, they can be used for tax planning, protecting assets for future generations and perhaps preventing them from being used to pay for things such as care home fees.

Bespoke Will-writing services

Valentine & Co offers a bespoke Will-writing service. Our experienced and highly-qualified solicitors we will guide you through the process, and tailor a Will to your specific needs and circumstances, giving you complete peace of mind that your Will is safe, secure and legally binding.

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